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Previous Attempts

In 1990, an ex-military pilot from Dallas, Texas attempted to fly solo around the world in a homebuilt biplane.  He reached Russia only to have permit and landing difficulties and returned to the United States.

In 1991, pilot Carl Hayes along with a Russian pilot set out to circumnavigate the globe.  They departed with great fanfare and media coverage from San Diego, California in a modified 300 HP Stearman.  Unknown complications in the Colorado Rockies resulted in a forced landing on Interstate 70 ending their attempt.

In September of 1993, Frank Quigg, a 45 year old businessman from Canada, departed Vancouver eastbound in a 275 HP Waco biplane in an attempt to fly solo around the world.  Quigg was self-financed and sought very little publicity.  After successfully completing half the trip in just 15 days he reached Bombay, India.  While in India he contracted hepatitis and abandoned the trip, shipping his aircraft home in a container.  Quigg worked closely with the Stearman World Flight project as a logistics adviser and proved to be a major asset.  His information and SWF's relentless effort made the Stearman World Flight project a success.

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