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Discovery Channel - "Open Cockpit" - 1996

This 60 minute documentary chronicled the restoration, construction, and preparation of the world flight stearman.  The show features a daring cross-country speed record from San Diego to New York by pilot Robert Ragozzino in the  450 Stearman.

The Learning Channel (TLC) - "Extreme Machines: Daring Aviators" - 1998


The History Channel - "First World Flight" - 2004


In this 90 minute documentary, Ragozzino and his Stearman are filmed flying over desert sand dunes, open Pacific ocean and desert islands, as well as the Sierra-Nevada mountains.  These segments were used to depict the original challenges faced by the 1924 World Cruisers, the first open-cockpit world expedition.

TLC featured Ragozzino and his Stearman in the frigid winter Colorado rockies, performing cold-weather  flight testing.  This 10 minute segment of the show "Daring Pilots" depicts the challenges of extreme cold weather open-cockpit flying highlighted in the majestic snow-capped rockies.

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